Where is my antenna order?

We usually ship within 1 business day of an order, unless the order was made over the weekend; weekend orders will be shipped first thing Monday. You will be emailed a tracking number when it ships. If you did not supply a tracking number you can call in to get the tracking number. Call us at 626-205-1973 or email warehouse for all the Spectrum Antenna items is located in Southern California. If you are in the East coast, anticipate anywhere from 6-8 days, depending on weather conditions. Usually most of our customers receive the antenna within 3-6 days. California and nearby customers will usually get their shipments in 1 or 2 days.

I plugged in my antenna and but I am not getting any channels.
After you plug in your antenna, you will not automatically get all of the channels on your TV. You will need to run a channel scan or auto tune for channels before any channels will appear on your TV. This process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. You can scan for channels by going to your TV or converter box’s menu and then selecting the antenna setting. Once you do that, you will see something called auto tuning or auto scan. Select this and wait for it to finish. After it is done, use your remote to change channels.
I did a channel scan and it shows no signal or 0 channels. Why is this?
There are several things which may cause this.1. If you did not do a channel scan, your TV will not show any channels. You will need to run a channel scan with your HDTV if you want to see the channels. Make sure your antenna is pointed in the right direction and then do a scan. Do not have your antenna rotating which it scans. You want to have it stationary while it scans. You can rotate it after a scan and then do a new scan to find the best position to point your antenna.

2. If you have an analog TV and you do not have a converter box hooked up, you will not get any channels. If you have an analog TV, your antenna should be connected to the control box which in turn should be connected to your converter box. Then that connects to your TV. You would use your converter box to scan for channels.

When I adjust the volume on my TV or change the channel, the antenna rotates! What’s going on?
The control box uses infrared signals from the controller provided to rotate the antenna. If your TV also emits infrared signals into the direction of the control box, it will get confused and assume you are commanding it to rotate.
I am still not receiving any signal
• If there are obstructions such as trees or you live in a mountainous area, you will need to prop your antenna on a higher location or use a taller mast.
• You may have a bad cable fitting or there may be corrosion. Disconnect a diplexer if you have one and run the cable to the digital receiver.a. I live beyond 70 miles from transmitting towers.
• Purchase one of these outdoor long-range antennas:
Spectrum 7 & Spectrum 6.
• The cable from your antenna to your tuner is too long. If the length is over 50ft, you may lose 30% of the signal. If you cannot reduce the length of the cable, you may need to purchase an antenna amplifier.
• You may need to switch out your digital tuner.

I am getting all but one channel
• If your antenna has a clear view to the broadcast tower, you may need to switch your digital tuner.
• The channel is broadcasting at a reduced power. There is nothing you can do about this.
• The station is at a lower spot on the transmitting tower. Propping up your antenna on a higher position may fix this.
• The method of encoder the station employs may be incompatible with your model of digital tuner. A broadcast encoders and your digital tuner may be incompatible. You may upgrade your software of firmware.
The picture isn’t clear/I see snow
You are watching an analog broadcast if you see snow. You need to purchase a digital converter. .
The signal is worse and I am getting static when it is raining or windy.
This may be due to a problem with your coaxial cable or loose connection. You may need to replace your coaxial cable or splitter. Also Check if the antenna is connected to the 75 Ohm transformer correctly and that your antenna is secured on the mast. Your antenna should not be moving when it is windy.
I live close to the broadcast towers but I am still getting signal breakups
Reflected signals are hitting the antenna as well as the primary signal. You are probably suffering from multi-path distortion. This happens when reflected signals are hitting the antenna in addition to the primary signal. Consider trying a small directional antenna and keep it away from any metallic objects or other antennas. A variable inline attenuator may also make a difference by dropping the reflected signal below the threshold which the digital tuner can recognize.
A larger antenna will not solve this problem.
Where can I get a manual?
Current Models:Spectrum 1

Spectrum 2

Spectrum 3

Spectrum 6

Spectrum 7

I need to return my antenna, what do I do? You can go to this page:

Customers have 90 days to try our antenna. If you are not satisfied with our product you may return the product for a refund. Refunds will be given according to the guideline below. Please make sure to check our Antenna Buying Guide before purchasing an antenna to avoid having to return the product.

Returned Time Frame (from date of purchase)
1-30 Days 10% Restocking Fee
30-60 Days 20% Restocking Fee
60-90 Days 30% Restocking Fee
After 90 Days No Returns / No Refunds.

Item returned

The 30-days count begins from the day you receive your order. The date we receive your return or are sent the tracking number is the day we record it as being received for the 30 day period. Please insure all returned goods for refund. Return shipping is not refundable. We can not be responsible for orders that have been lost in shipment by UPS or USPS. Please note that you are responsible for return shipping. Please keep in mind that it can take 1-2 weeks for your item to get processed into our warehouse.

Easy Return Process

Please submit a ticket to get an RMA number for your return.

Customer Service Contact Number:

Returns without an RMA Number will not receive a refund.


My manual says I need a 1 inch bamboo pole, is that right?
You can use any kind of 1-inch pole: aluminum, PVC, etc. You can generally purchase them from any Home Depot or nearby hardware store.


You can go to our antenna selector page to learn more about the type of antenna is best for your area.
I live in an apartment and unable to install an antenna on the roof
You may purchase an indoor antenna if you live within 40 miles of broadcast towers. Beyond that, there is a chance that an indoor antenna would be ineffective. Please try to install it as high as possible. An outdoor antenna installed outside in your porch/garden/balcony will most likely work better than an indoor antenna.
What accessories do I need?
If you are purchasing an indoor antenna, you will not need any accessories. If you purchased an outdoor antenna, you may need:
A longer coaxial cable. It comes with a 30ft coaxial but if you need a longer one, we offer a 50ft RG6 coaxial cable.
A J-mount. Our outdoor antennas do not come with mounting poles so you would need to purchase one or a 1″ pole.
How do I know if my TV is digital or analog? Do I need a converter box?
If you have an analog TV you will need a digital converter box in order to pick up the new digital tv signals. If you have a hdtv or digital tv you won’t need a converter box.There are some way to determine if you have an analog or digital TV:

If the TV was sold as “HDTV” or “DTV,” it’s supposed to have an ATSC tuner built in to it, so it is a digital TV. If it was sold as “HD ready TV,” then it does not have a digital tuner

You can always check the specs in the owner’s manual for your TV. Or if you no longer have your TV’s manual, you can go to and search the make and model of your TV to check

Just because your TV is a flat-screen, doesn’t always mean that it is digital. You want to double-check and make sure, otherwise you will not be able to pick up any channels with the antenna because the signal needs to be converted from analog to digital.

What kind of mount do I need to install an antenna?
We usually recommend the J-Mount. You can use that on the roof, chimney, attic or the side of your house.
We also recommend a tripod for freestanding pole installation.If you want to install it on the chimney of your roof, you will need to purchase a chimney mount or a J mount.
If you want to install it on the side of the roof, you will need a J-Mount or a universal mount
If you want to install it on the flat part of the roof, you will need a non-penetrating roof mount.
If you want to install it on the eve of the roof, you will need an eve mount.
If you want to install it in the attic, you will need a tripod, J-mount or universal mount

Do I need VHF or UHF digital TV antenna?
All our antennas are VHF and UHF compliant. Most stations in North America broadcasts VHF.
Are your TV antennas analog or HD?
All our antennas work for analog and HDTV. Although analog TV would need a digital converter box.
What’s multi-directional and directional?
Omnidirectional antennas receive signals from all directions and directional receives signals from one direction (approximately 30° wide) and you can rotate it with your remote to receive channels from another direction. The disadvantage of monidirectional antennas is that they are unlikely to receive signals beyond 40 miles and are affected by interference. Most of our outdoor antennas are directional.Most of our indoor antennas are omnidirectional. Please check the FCC tool to locate where your broadcast towers are in relation to your address.

If you live in a metropolitan city where all the broadcast towers are in different directions and you live within 40 miles from them, you may purchase an omnidirectional antenna.

Do I need to buy a rotor for my directional antenna?
All our directional antennas come with rotors and will rotate 360 degrees with a remote.
Do I need to buy a booster/amplifier?
Our antennas come with a built in booster. You will only need an amplifier if you plan to install it onto 3 or more TVs.
Will trees and mountains affect the effectiveness of the antenna?
Yes, please try to install your antenna as high as possible on your roof. You may live in an area that receives weak signals. Please go here: to see what channels you may receive
The roof is the best place to install your TV antenna, and as high as possible. If you do install it on your roof, you will need to purchase additional mounting supplies. All our antennas already come with a mast. If you want to install it on the top of your roof, you will need to purchase a tripod and a pole.If you want to install it on the chimney of your roof, you will need to purchase a chimney mount or a J mount.
If you want to install it on the side of the roof, you will need a J-Mount or a universal mount
If you want to install it on the flat part of the roof, you will need a non-penetrating roof mount.
If you want to install it on the eve of the roof, you will need an eve mount.
If you want to install it in the attic, you will need a tripod, J-mount or universal mount

How do I install my indoor TV antenna?
Your indoor antenna should come with instructions. The directions are usually simple, just connect it to your TV and you may place your indoor antenna anywhere near your TV, such as next to it or below it. Then run a channel scan.
I got the antenna but it only has 1 sheet of paper and no manual. Where can I get a manual?
Does the 1 inch pole have to be bamboo? It’s too hard to find and I don’t think it will hold up against the weather.
Absolutely not. You can use any kind of 1-inch pole: aluminum, PVC, etc. The bamboo was simply a suggestion from the manufacturer, but we do recommend you opt for something more sturdy and durable. You can generally purchase them from any Home Depot or nearby hardware store.
I want to split to multiple TVs, where would I include the splitter?
If you want to connect to multiple TVs you will need to purchase a distribution amplifier. If you use a splitter you will have signal loss and rotation interference, which will make it so that you will not get the maximum reception.
The setup will be a connection with a coax cable fromAntenna >> Control Box >> Distribution Amplifier >> TVs

Your antenna needs a direct line to the control box to provide maximum strength and power.

What kind of coaxial cable do your antennas use?
Our antennas use an RG6 coaxial cable and the spectrum 6 and 7 comes with a 30ft cable.
How can I extend the coaxial cable?
We highly recommend purchasing the 50ft RG6 coaxial cable from us or any hardware stores. If you want to connect your existing cable, you would need a one on one connector and NOT a splitter. As the use of a splitter will interfere with the reception and rotation of the antenna.
Do I need to ground my HD antenna to prevent against lightning?
Yes you will need to properly ground your antenna, otherwise there is a chance that lightning may cause damages to the antenna and your TV. You can get a cable with a grounding wire at any Home Depot. You can then ground the wire and use the cable to connect to the hivolt box.
I live in an area that is very cold. My rotor stopped rotating when I press the rotate button. What can I do?
You can put electrical grease onto the prongs that stick out of the rotor that goes into the main unit. This should fix the problem.
My power supply control box gets really hot. Should I turn it off?
We recommend turning off the boxes when they are not being used. You wouldn’t leave your TV on when you’re not watching, so the same should apply to this booster.
My rotor stopped rotating when I press the rotate button. What can I do?
Make sure the light on the hivolt box turns green when you try to rotate the antenna. And that the light on the main unit is on.Sometimes the rotor gets stuck and you just need to reposition the cable as it comes out of the antenna. It should fix the problem.

Make sure you are not using a splitter. The splitter usually interferes with the rotation of the antenna.

My antenna does not turn on. There is no light.
Please contact us so we can send you a new one.

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