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Stalwart Stan make mistakes?

We know it may come as a shock to his legion of lovers but even Ship-Shape Stan can make mistakes every now and then. Please read our Return Policy/Procedures below and soon all will be well again in the Kingdom of the Kindred.

Incorrect Goods

Stan and his gang pick and pack hundreds of items every day and occasionally our usually perfect system goes awry. No problem. Let us know that we have made a picking and packing mistake within 7 days of receipt of your consignment and we’ll have Del Boy collect the incorrect goods and deliver the correct ones at the same time – FREE OF CHARGE.

If you decide to return the goods to us yourself, that is fine. Please enclose the Returns Form and a receipt for your postage and packing costs, but bear in mind that we will only refund you a maximum of £6.00 for these costs. You’ll also need to let us know when it will be convenient for us to send the correct items out to you.

Defective Goods (excluding tents) (& spouses)

If you wish to return any goods (other than tents), because they were found to be either damaged or defective upon delivery, you must inform us within 7 days of receipt. Del Boy will then collect the damaged/faulty goods from you when he arrives with your replacement – FREE OF CHARGE.

If you’ve decided that you do not want replacement goods, we’ll still have Del Boy collect the defective/faulty goods from an address of your choosing at no cost to you. All we ask when you call us to arrange for a collection is to have your original Order Reference Number handy so that we can trace your original order details. We also ask that you complete the Returns Form provided explaining the reason for the return.

If you decide to return the goods to us yourself, that is fine. Please enclose the Returns Form and a receipt for your postage and packing costs, but bear in mind that we will only refund you a maximum of £6.00 for these costs.

Unsuitable Goods (excluding tents) & (ex-spouses)

If goods are being returned to us as unsuitable for their intended purpose, you MUST inform us of your intention to return them to us within 7 days of purchase. If you would like us to collect and/or exchange the goods for you, we will be happy to do so for a charge of £10.00, otherwise the onus is on the customer to return them to us within 28 days of purchase to ensure a no-quibble refund.

Please note: unsuitable goods must be returned UNUSED, clean, fresh smelling, free from dog hairs, tyre tracks, etc. and any other evidence of general misuse. All clothing must have the manufacturers label and swing tickets still attached. Any items returned to us which fail to comply with the above may affect our ability to issue a full refund (and yours to see your next birthday).

Please note that in all instances where goods are returned to us or orders cancelled though no fault of our own, we are entitled to 30 days before issuing a refund to the customer. However, you will be relieved to hear that we always strive to issue refunds as soon as practically possible.

Tent Returns/Replacement Policy

Tent Returns Policy is a complex issue. This is because we humans have to interact with the tent in order for it to become something that is of any use to anyone! Unfortunately, humans being a temperamental lot, prone to outbursts of frustration and temper and dare I say, blessed with no little helping of clumsiness, have been known to turn a perfectly good tent into something resembling a crashed Sputnik in a matter of seconds. We have to protect ourselves (and ultimately other customers) from instances where damage has been caused to tents by customers who do not heed the advice and instructions provided within (or those with a pathological hatred of innocent tents). That said, we are absolutely committed to work with all customers who experience any problems with their tents to find a satisfactory solution, within the following framework:

Tent Instructions

Every tent we ship to a customer will come with an information sheet from Outdoor Megastore and instructions from the tent manufacturer. BOTH of these sets of information need to be read BEFORE you attempt to erect the tent and adhered to DURING the erection process.

Incorrect Tent

If it is clear that we have been complete bird brains and sent you the wrong tent, do not attempt to unpack or erect it. Let us know that we have made a mistake within 7 days of receipt of your tent and we’ll have Del Boy collect the incorrect item and deliver the correct one.

Unsuitable Tents

If upon receipt of the tent you have ordered you decide that the pack size of it is too big or it’s too heavy or you’ve just changed your mind since ordering it, please inform us of this within 7 days of purchase. We will happily arrange collection of the tent for a £10.00 charge and we also reserve the right to charge you a handling fee of 10% of the value of the tent. If you feel you need to unpack and/or erect the tent to see if it will be suitable for your use, this must be performed INDOORS and on clean, smooth surfaces. Pitching it in a field or garden automatically renders the tent ‘used’ and as such it cannot be returned to us. Also, under the Health & Safety at Work Act, it is not possible for a retailer or manufacturer to handle returned goods in a dirty condition. Your intention to return an unsuitable tent to us must be communicated within 7 days of receipt of your order. The cost of returning an unsuitable tent is the responsibility of the customer and must be made within 28 days of receipt of the item. We can arrange collection of the item for you if you wish for a charge of £10.00 – please call 0845 130 8982 to make arrangements. A full refund for the tent less carriage and a 10% handling fee will be made only when we have had the opportunity to inspect the tent thoroughly as it needs to be sold as perfect to the next customer.

Damaged or Faulty Tents

See if you can make any anagrams of Faulty Tents as in the Fawlty Towers genre – the best will win a star prize! The winner will be selected from the best looking girls in the 18-40 age bracket who enter and live nearby and will win a weekend with paramour Stan in a darkened room of his choice.

“Nutty fleas” is our best offering so far!

If after erection of your tent (following the instructions provided) you feel that the tent is damaged or is in some way faulty, then you must inform us of the nature of the fault/damage within 7 days of receipt of the tent. Initially, with the help of the manufacturer, we will attempt to resolve the fault at a distance i.e. by giving a remedy to the problem over the phone or by e-mail or by sending a replacement part (e.g. a pole section, pole elastic, etc.) in the mail. If none of these remedies produce the desired results, then the procedure is for the customer to return the tent (or tent part) to us (enclosing a receipt for shipping costs) for inspection of the fault/problem by our in-house experts and possibly by a manufacturer’s representative. PLEASE NOTE: All canvas-based products being returned for inspection MUST be dry, clean and mud free due to Health and Safety, otherwise the product will be returned to the customer at their expense until the above have been adhered to.

If there is a problem with the customer returning the tent (or tent part) to us, we may under certain circumstances arrange for the collection of the item. Until the inspection process is completed we will not be able to issue the customer with a replacement tent (or tent part) or a refund (unless under exceptional circumstances).

If we/the manufacturer is happy that the damage/fault is as a result of a manufacturing problem or defect, we will be happy to release a replacement tent (or tent part) to the customer and/or refund the costs of the tent plus the return shipping costs.

Please be reminded of some basic Sale of Goods Act stipulations. If you are returning goods to us (faulty or otherwise) within 28 days of purchase, you may be entitled to a repair, replacement or a refund. After 28 days you are only entitled to a repair or a replacement under the terms of the manufacturers warranty (which will usually cover you for 12 months after purchase) or, under certain circumstances, a credit note. If you have returned faulty goods to us, we are entitled to a ‘reasonable period’ to inspect the goods and reach an informed decision. Trading Standards has deemed that a ‘reasonable period’ for goods not in daily use as being 28 days.

These conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

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Returns address: Outdoor Megastore Ltd (Returns), 107 Rimrose Road, Bootle, L20 4HN Please e-mail returns queries to admin@outdoormegastore.co.uk

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