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99 Designs Return Policy99-Designs-Return-Policy

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the designs your contest receives.

To ask for a refund, please give as a quick call using one of the numbers listed below. We need to verify your information in person, so we’ll need to speak with you to process your refund.

United States: 1-800-513-1678

Australia: 03 9111 5799

United Kingdom: +44 20 3319 6464

There are three exceptions for our money-back guarantee.

  1. We can’t refund a contest once you’ve chosen finalists and entered the final round.
  2. You need to request your refund within 60 days of payment.
  3. We can’t refund guaranteed contests. If your contest is guaranteed, please contact us, and one of our design consultants will give you a call to personally help you make your contest a success!

Wondering about our terms for 1-to-1 projects? Check here.

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