Autodesk Return PolicyAutodesk-Return-Policy

Right Of Return For Refund

For a limited period after You purchase or renew a subscription (the “Return Period”), (i) if You object to any of the terms set forth in these Terms, or (ii) if You object to the Autodesk terms of purchase or auto-renewal (if any) applicable to the purchase or renewal of the subscription, or (iii) if You are dissatisfied (for any reason) with the Offering to which You subscribed, You may return the Offering and may qualify for a refund.

For orders placed directly with Autodesk, Autodesk will provide a full refund of Your subscription fees if You cease use and return the Offering within the Return Period set forth below. For orders placed through a reseller or other third party, please check the applicable return and refund policy of that third party.


Subscription Term

Return Period (measured from the date of purchase or renewal)

New subscription, Renewal of an existing subscription, Addition of users to an existing subscription, Aligning subscription billing or renewal dates

Subscriptions longer than monthly (for example, annual)

30 days

Monthly subscriptions

15 days

Your right of return for refund does not apply to all orders, including orders for cloud credits, consumption-based fees, consulting, advanced consulting, memberships, platform subscriptions or fees, extra-territorial rights and enterprise agreements. For more information please see our Right of Return Policy.

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