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Bonanza is like an online shopping mall that connects buyers and sellers from all over the world to transact directly. Bonanza does not produce, house or ship any inventory; instead, each seller lists their items for sale, and buyers purchase goods straight from the seller.

What is the return policy for items sold on Bonanza?

Each seller sets their own return and refund policies. A summary of the seller’s return policy can be found at the top of the item listing page, below the “Add to cart” button.

How can I find more detailed information about the return policy or process?

For more detailed information regarding the a seller’s return policies and procedures, scroll down the listing page to the “Listing details” section, where you will see a link to “View seller policies.”

I still need more information regarding the return process.

No problem! Bonanza has created tools to allow you to seamlessly contact a seller with questions about their return policy. You can easily do so from your order summary (found in the “Account > Recent purchases” page) by clicking the “Send them a message” or “Contact Seller” link. Keep in mind that sellers span a wide range of time zones and business hours. Sellers will typically respond in 24-48 hours.

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