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  • What our policy is for returning products.
  • How to tell us exactly what you want to return.
  • How to make the arrangements to get it back to us.
  • What will happen once we get it back.

In Brief …

  • There are many reasons why you might want to return your goods back to us. Maybe they’re faulty or you’ve simply changed your mind and no longer require the goods.
  • So both you and us can track the progress of your return, you’ll need to get a Returns Material Authorisation [RMA] number from us. If you send something back without an RMA number, we will not be able to identify it as yours when it comes back to our warehouse and the product will probably get lost. As such, all returns MUST have a valid RMA number. See below for instructions on how to get an RMA.
  • Here at dabs.com, we have a fully automated online returns system which automatically issues a returns number and then process it – all through your account on our website.
  • Before you start the online returns process, please read our RETURNS POLICY to check the circumstances under which we’ll authorise your return. Click here to read our Returns Policy. Once you’re happy that you’ll be allowed to return the product, you’ll need to get an RMA Number – follow the step by step process below.

How to process your return

  • Log In: Log into your account by clicking the ‘My Dabs‘ tab, which is situated near the top left hand side of our website. Once you’ve logged in please select – ‘Orders/returns’ and choose the order that you wish to return goods from.
  • Select a product to Return: If you see a blue ‘r’ icon next to the order line this indicates that a product can be returned to dabs.com. Click the blue ‘r’. If there is no blue ‘r’ the product cannot be returned under our returns policy. To view our returns policy click here. A green “r” means that an RMA has already been issued for that product.
  • Select a Returns Reason: You’ll then be shown a ‘return reason’ list. This allows you to select the reason why you’re returning a product. There are a variety of reasons to choose from including – ‘goods faulty on arrival’; ‘goods not as ordered’; ‘I’ve changed my mind’ and so on. As you select your reason for return, our system is sophisticated enough to carry out a check to qualify that the reason you’re selecting is a valid one. This is based on the date the order was shipped to you and the type of customer you’re registered as – i.e. a private or business type customer, as some sections of our returns policy may differ.
  • Providing product fault information: If your product is faulty, you’ll be asked to supply more information such as the type of product fault. This ensures that we get the right information so your return is processed quickly. You’ll be asked to accept our “terms and conditions” before we can issue an RMA.
  • RMA confirmation number: Once you’ve completed the steps, the RMA confirmation screen displays your RMA number and gives you the opportunity to arrange your collection. You’ll also get an email confirming the RMA details which provides you with more information about what you need to do next. It’s important that you read this and follow the instructions carefully.IMPORTANT: Once we’ve issued an RMA number, it’s only valid for 14 DAYS. During this time we’ll send you a reminder by email. If we’ve not received the goods back after 14 days, the RMA number will no longer be valid. It’s therefore important that you do send the goods back WITHIN 14 days of the RMA being issued.
  • Returning your goods: In order to process the goods, we do require the item to be returned complete, including all accessories and any user passwords that, if left in place, would prevent us from fully testing the item. If the item is a bundle made up of multiple different components, all individual components must be returned.
  • Arranging a Collection: If you’re arranging a collection, you can arrange for your goods to be collected by entering your collection address and the number of boxes that are being returned. If you need to add an alternative collection address (your works address perhaps) then this is possible, though we regret this facility is not available when returning your first few orders for security reasons. Note that depending on the reason for return, in some instances you will be responsible for paying the courier costs.
  • Collection confirmation: At the final stage of the process, before submitting your collection request, you’ll see a “summary page” to check the information you have entered. Note that if you are paying for the collection/courier charges, all of the relevant payment details including the exact charge and your selected payment method will also be displayed.

Packaging Goods for Return
IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you read our Return of Faulty Goods: Packaging Guidelines. The product must be packaged correctly otherwise it may get damaged on its way back to us and we can’t be liable for this damage.

What happens next?
Once the RMA has been issued you’ll be able to track the progress of the return by logging onto your account, and clicking the “View orders and returns” section. Then click “returned” and you will see the status of your return. There are a variety of different returns status messages that may be displayed including for example: “awaiting return of goods”, “collection arranged”, “fully refunded”, “return cancelled” and so on.

Each type of status links through to an information box which contains a more comprehensive explanation of what it means to help you track your return, every step of the way.

Once we receive the goods back and have inspected them, we will either refund your payment [using the same payment type you used to pay for your order] or replace the goods or arrange a repair. This will depend on the reason you returned the goods and the length of time you’ve had the goods.

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For more information visit Dabs.com

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