GA-DE Return PolicyGA-DE Return Policy

1.  Delivery

1.1.       Danya makes deliveries of its products to many countries however not to all the countries worldwide. During the purchase you shall be required to enter the country to which you are requesting the delivery of the products. If you wish to make an order to a country/area to which Danya does not make deliveries of its products, you shall not be able to complete the purchase process.

1.2.       As a rule, delivery of products will take between 3-14 working days from the date of approval of the transaction by the credit company. Notwithstanding the aforementioned it is possible that there could be delays in the delivery of up to 30 days from the date of approval of the transaction. It shall be clarified that Danya shall not be responsible for any delay in the date of delivery, for any reason whatsoever which is not dependent upon Danya, including those originating in inter alia the entity via which the deliveries are made, force majeure, war, strike, a terrorism act, disruptions or malfunctions.

1.3.       The delivery shall be made pursuant to that requested at the time of placing the order, as follows: the product/s shall be sent to you via courier/regular post, to the address that you registered in the order details on the website, on condition that this is a country/area to which Danya carries out deliveries and that this is not a post office box number. The cost of delivery is not included in the price of the product/s and it shall be added to the total price of the products.

1.4.       The delivery fee and the total price of the products shall be published on the website. Danya reserves the right to change the sum of the delivery fees from time to time.

1.5.       It is clarified that if at the time of purchase on the website you shall provide details that are incorrect and/or an address which is a post office box, as a consequence of which Danya shall not be able to deliver the requested items, you shall be charged with payment for the delivery and handling fees, as detailed on the website.

1.6.       If the products shall not reach you by 30 days from the date of purchase, you shall be able to cancel the transaction and receive a refund of all your money.

      Cancellation of a transaction

1.7.       Pursuant to law you are entitled to cancel the transaction within 14 days from the approval of the order or from receipt of the product, the later of the two. In such a case, cancellation fees at a rate of 5% shall be deducted from the credit refund however no more than 100 NIS and this pursuant to the law in Israel. The payment that Danya shall be charged by the credit company for the cancellation shall also be deducted from the credit refund.

1.8.       You shall also be entitled to cancel the transaction within 14 days from approval of the order or from receipt of the product, the later of the two, in the case of defect or inconsistency between that stated in the order approval and the product delivered to you or in the case of non-delivery of the product 30 days from the date of approval of the order or in case that one of the products which you have ordered is out of stock. In such a case you shall be refunded the entire sum that you paid to Danya for the aforementioned.

1.9.       In any event that you wish to cancel the transaction, you are required to send a notice in writing within the time periods detailed above, to Danya’s Customer Service Department by E-mail to the address: and notify of your wish to cancel the transaction. Following your notice as to cancellation of the transaction you shall receive a form to your E-mail inbox or a form by fax at your request, on which you shall be asked to fill in details. Attach the completed form to the product and return it by registered post only to Danya Cosmetics Ltd, 16 Hakadar Street, Netanya, Israel, Postcode 4237796.

1.10.   You are required to return the product complete, in its original packaging and on condition that no use has been made of it.

1.11.   After receipt of the product by Danya credit shall be made pursuant to the credit company’s procedures.

        Cases in which it is not possible to receive a refund

  1. It is not possible to split the return of products purchased in combined transactions such as – “Buy Receive” or “1+1” promotions. You may not cancel and return part of the items included in the transaction. You may choose one of the following options: a) to cancel the combined transaction and return everything that you purchased, b) not to cancel the combined transaction.

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