Roxio Return PolicyRoxio-Return-Policy

How can I receive a refund for my order?

Requesting a refund is easy.  Simply submit a ticket to our Customer Support team and let us know:

  • Your cleverbridge reference number
  • The reason you’d like a refund

We’ll review your request and let you know the result within 2 business days at the most.

Have product or installation questions?

If you’re asking for a refund because you’re having trouble installing or using the product or service you purchased, you might also considering contacting the provider directly for technical support.  Many issues can be cleared up quickly by our partners’ dedicated support teams.  You can find their contact information in your confirmation email, or on our technical support page. Of course, if they’re unable to resolve your issue or you don’t wish to receive support, just visit the contact form above and we’ll review your request as soon as possible.

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