What happens if your order arrives from McCoy Motorsports and you excitedly open the box only to discover that you’ve ordered the wrong product!?! No need to fret about this or most other ordering blunders. McCoy Motorsports understands that sometimes mistakes can be made when ordering products off of a computer screen. In order to avoid these mistakes, you may consult with one of our qualified staff and we’ll help to ensure you select the correct product. However, in the event that you do need to make a return or exchange, please follow these simple instructions:

Step One:

      Gather the product you wish to return, complete with undamaged product packaging, accompanying tags, protective coverings, and a copy of your receipt. Inspect your unused product to ensure you have not damaged or altered the product or accompanying materials in any way.

Step Two:

      Contact a McCoy Motorsports sales representative within fifteen (15) days of the receipt of your order to obtain return approval in the form of a return approval number. When calling for a return approval number, please have your credit card approval number ready. Once approved, your McCoy Motorsports Return Department Associate will notify you of any applicable fees and provide you with your personal return approval number for the return of your product. Be sure to hold onto this number, as it is vital to the acceptance of your return.

Step Three:

      Place your product and all accompanying material, unused and in its original manufacturers packaging, along with a copy of your receipt, into an appropriate postal box or other adequate shipping container to ensure protection of your product during return shipment. On the external shipping package (postal box, etc.), write your previously obtained return approval number clearly and prominently so as to be recognized as a return upon arrival to McCoy Motorsports. Please do not attempt to ship your product in its original manufacturer’s packaging without a proper shipping container for protection. In addition, please do not write your return approval number on the original manufacturer’s packaging. Either of these mistakes will result in the refusal of your return.

Step Four:

      Be sure all postage fees have been paid on your return before sending to McCoy Motorsports. McCoy Motorsports is not responsible for original or return shipping costs and will not accept any returns sent COD or “Freight Collect”. Finally, send us your product via the mail carrier of your choice to the following address, and a McCoy Motorsports representative will contact you upon its arrival to finalize any possible refunds or exchanges.

All returns should be sent to:

McCoy Motorsports
Attn: Returns Department
RA#: (your return approval number)
559 North Mayo Trail
Pikeville, KY 41501

Again, thank you for your business, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns!

* Please see the Returns FAQ below for further information about associated fees, exceptions, and international returns.

Returns FAQ

Q: Are there any fees associated with the return of my McCoy Motorsports product? Why should I have to pay a fee to make a return?

A: At McCoy Motorsports we understand that mistakes can be made when ordering. Though we wish we could provide return service on all of our products free of charge, many of our suppliers charge a fee for the return or exchange of products, which cannot be avoided. In the future, please seek the assistance of our trained associates if unsure about selection of the correct product so as to avoid unnecessary fees. As always, we appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience.

Fees are as follows:

  • Helmets, gloves, jackets, pants, and leather suits entail a $30.00 exchange fee.
  • All other items are subject to a $15.00 exchange fee, to be assessed on a product-by-product basis during the return approval consultation with your McCoy Motorsports Returns Department associate.
  • Refused orders and/or returns for a refund with no exchange shall be subject to a 20% restocking/handling fee. (In other words, if you return a product and simply want your money back, be prepared to pay the 20% restocking fee)
  • Returns for in-store credit will be assessed a 10% restocking fee. Note: Your monthly credit statement will not show any returned credit, only your account with McCoy Motorsports will show the credit for your return.
  • In addition, all shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. McCoy Motorsports will not assume unpaid shipping charges of any kind.

Q: I didn’t realize that I had the wrong product and it has now been 15 days or more since I received my delivery, may I still exchange?

A: Unfortunately, McCoy Motorsports cannot accept requests for return or exchange beyond the 15th day from receipt of an order. Additionally, we cannot accept any returns received by our headquarters beyond 30 days from the product’s original delivery date. Please examine all components of your order immediately upon delivery to ensure you have purchased the correct items. If you would like to request a return/exchange, please do so in an expeditious manner so as to avoid any complications in the exchange/return process.

Q: Can’t I just send my products to you and request an exchange or return credit when you receive it? Do I really have to call ahead?

A: McCoy Motorsports will not accept any goods without prior approval in the form of a return approval number. Packages sent to us without a valid return approval number will be refused and returned to sender. Remember, your return approval number must be clearly printed on the outside of your shipping package in order to ensure the acceptance of your return.

Q: I’ve already installed my product, but I think I would like a different one. May I still exchange/return it?

A: Due to product wear and tear, products may not be returned after having been installed, no exceptions. Please be sure of your purchase before installment.

Q: I don’t have a shipping package handy and the manufacturer’s package looks pretty sturdy, can’t I just ship my product in its own packaging and write my return approval number on the outside?

A: Items shipped in original manufacturer’s packaging will not be accepted for return or exchange. The shipping process is not a gentle one, and as such the product will arrive damaged. Please use a postal box or other adequate shipping container to ensure your return is protected from damage on its journey back to McCoy Motorsports. In addition, parts that were originally shipped in vendors’ plastic bags, skin packed, or in manufacturers’ boxes must be returned in original packing; no substitutions will be accepted. Also, do not write on any part of the manufacturer’s original packaging. Products with supplier packaging that has been written on will be returned to sender.

Q: I custom ordered wheels from McCoy Motorsports and would like to exchange them for different ones, is this possible?

A: Custom ordered wheels or custom parts of any kind cannot be returned or exchanged – no exceptions. For inquiries on returns or exchanges of custom ordered wheels, please contact the manufacturer directly.

NOTE: We cannot accept returns on VEHICLES, CLOSEOUT, OVERSTOCK, Or CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER priced items. Items such as Turbo Kits, Sportbike Swingarms, Sportbike Wheels, are not able to be returned or exchanged due to being custom build to order. See instruction below to get authorization for exchanging items for a different size (ONLY IF SIZING IS AVAILABLE). Call before ordering to see if your parts or accessories qualify. See below for more details on exchanges or returns on regular items. – Thanks for your business.

Q: My product has been back-ordered and I would like to cancel the order, what are my options?

A: Occasionally, back-orders occur on items when manufacturers are not able to keep up with our demand. All cancelled items at the customer’s request will be refunded for in-store credit only. Rest assured that in the event of back-ordered products, we are doing everything we can to deliver your items as quickly as possible.

Q: Are there any special instructions for helmet returns/exchanges?

A: Helmets must be placed in their protective cover/bag before being placed in their respective suppliers’ boxes and shipping containers to avoid damage to the helmet finish (i.e. scuffling, etc). Helmets not returned in their respective protective cover/bag may not be accepted by McCoy Motorsports and may be returned to the sender.

Q: Are there any special instructions for international returns/exchanges?

A: International returns must adhere to all of the conditions listed above. In addition, the sender is the exporter of record and is solely responsible for all shipping costs, applicable duties and taxes. All non-compliant shipments are subject to refusal by McCoy Motorsports. All refunds will be processed in U.S. dollars. Product exchanges processed and shipped to international customers will be assessed shipping charges in accordance with McCoy Motorsports’ international shipping department fees scale, except in the event of an exchange as resulting from an error on the part of McCoy Motorsports. Again, the recipient of the shipped exchange product is the importer of record and is responsible for all applicable duties and taxes.

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