Dillards Return Policy

We trust you will be satisfied with your Dillard’s purchase. However, should you decide the merchandise is not satisfactory, Dillard’s return policy is stated below:

The merchandise may be mailed back to us, or returned to any Dillard’s location. Please leave all merchandise tags attached. Also, please note that if you choose to mail the merchandise back, you will be responsible for the shipping fees. We recommend that you insure the package and ship via a traceable method. Dillard’s offers a Fed Ex return label you can print from your computer and attach to the return package. No refunds are given on shipping and handling charges. Personalized items and clearance items marked down 65% or more cannot be returned.

Address package to:
444 Brick Church Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37207-3216

Dillard’s will issue a refund in the form and amount of the original tender paid (including sales tax) or Dillard’s will issue a Dillard’s Gift Card, at the customer’s choice, when each of the following conditions has been met:

  1. The merchandise must be returned within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of purchase, except as otherwise stated on the face of the packing slip or on the item’s product page.
  2. The merchandise must be in its original, unused condition unless there is a manufacturer’s defect.
  3. The merchandise must be accompanied by either the original Dillard’s Receipt or the original Dillard’s Proof of Purchase Label. (Proof of Purchase information is included on the packing slip for all Dillard’s Direct orders.)

If the merchandise being returned was purchased using a credit card and we credit your account, the credit will show on the statement you receive after the issuing bank applies the credit.

If you exchange merchandise, your account will be credited for the return and a sale rung for the new merchandise.

If the merchandise being returned was purchased using a Dillard’s Gift Card, that card will be credited if there is a balance on it. If the balance on the card is $0.00 a new Gift Card will be issued for the return amount and mailed to you.

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Jun 02, 2018 by Barb

I ordered a dress on line late Thursday evening and was expecting a Friday or Sat delivery from Maumelle, AR to NLR, AR and am now told that Dillards does not deliver on Saturday even though I paid $30 for two day delivery. This was a guaranteed two day delivery.
I asked that you please refund my $30 delivery fee or explain to me why you cannot deliver my order on Saturday. Your customer service people refused to help me. They said they did not care that my dress would not arrive on time and I could return it anytime I wanted to at any store and and I should have paid closer attention to your pop-up notice. No where does it say that you do not deliver on Saturday.Why do you charge me $30 for a service you do not offer on Thursday evenings? Tell me to pay closer attention to the fine print on the computer pop-up?? That is dishonest. I will never buy from you again there are too many other customer friendly places to shop.
Tell me again FEDEX does not deiver on SAT?
"Life doesn’t slow down on Saturdays — and neither does FedEx®.
Why does FedEx deliver on Saturdays? We offer a suite of services on Saturdays to provide the convenience you need, when you need it. From shipment delivery to office and print services, we have you covered."


Apr 04, 2018 by JSK

I purchased a dress online that was not available in the store. I assumed it would be no big deal to try on at home and return to a store. It did not fit, and I brought to the Nashville Green Hills store TWO days after receiving. The clerk interrogated me, asking several times if I’d worn the dress, even after I insisted I had not. I have never been treated so poorly or made to feel so humiliated! I was planning to shop around in the store for a different dress, but Dillard’s will not get my business again! I am loyal to Nordstrom but wanted to give Dillard’s a try - no more!

No More Shopping In Advance For Holidays

Mar 22, 2018 by Chris

Historically my wife and I have shopped all year and saved presents for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s and the like. I bought a purse in January for my wife’s birthday on March 3. She did not use it but decided it was too big two days ago and asked me to return it to Dillard’s in Chattanooga, where I bought it. Although I had the receipt and the the Dillard’s card with which I purchased it, I was told, after showing my Driver’s License twice, i was told that I had violated their return policy by having too many returns. The only other thing I have returned in the last year was a top coat I bought for myself which was too small once I put on a sport coat. I also had my receipt for that. I have and keep all receipts for everything. That return policy insults my honesty and integrity. The clerk also happened to be the one from whom I had purchased it. My wife and I have bought a lot at that store; at Christmas we spent close to $2,500.00 there, none of which was returned. We probably have spent $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 per year there since the store was built at Hamilton Place.

This “policy” (30 days to return items and some apparent “limit” about the number or frequency of returns) leads me to a new personal policy of no more shopping at Dillard’s. If you want to treat me as a criminal, you don’t need my business or money. I heard on TV or saw in the WallStreet Journal an article about companies adopting such policies. Perhaps management believes this will result in a stronger bottom line. Things like this flip me out. They did credit my Dillard’s card, but I’m still insulted and outraged. Hoping for a Happy Chapter 7 for Dillard’s!!!!

Shoe returns

Mar 08, 2018 by Debbie

I returned a pair of shoes that were pinching. A week old. I’d worn them once. Since I’d worn them they said I couldn’t return. There were no scuffs wear or dirt on them. I insisted and got a refund. But I was Verbally punished for it. I wasn’t aware of the policy and the women said. “I don’t understand why you think you can return something you’ve worn. The clerk who refunded me was rude and unfriendly. I’ve been in sales all my life and have never seen such horrible salesmanship. It was the Dillard’s in Crestview Hill Kentucky March 2918

No Returns Jan 1st

Jan 01, 2018 by Waco Store

Was charged wrong price for merchandise, went to customer service--lady said well we aren't doing any returns until Jan 3. I said well it might go into the 3 day return policy--she said yea and then you can't return it all. I didn't even get the additional 50% of some of the marked down merchandise--they won't make any adjustments until Jan 3rd per their store manager.

1.1 5.0 30 30 I ordered a dress on line late Thursday evening and was expecting a Friday or Sat delivery from Maumelle, AR to NLR, AR and am now told that Dillards does not deliver on Saturday e Dillards

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