5 Best Return Policies

During the holiday season billions of dollars of goods or products are returned to retail stores. This year before making your holiday purchases I recommend familiarizing yourself with the five best retail return policies available. Stores that have simple and easy return policies reduce the headaches involved in exchanging or returning gifts. There are several retail stores that offer great return policies but here are the five best return policies.

L.L. Bean – No Time Limit for Returns or Exchanges

L.L. Bean’s return policy is very generous. Customers can return merchandise anytime without a receipt. To return or exchange L.L. Bean merchandise purchased online follow these two steps. The first step is to print and the fill out the return or exchange form. The second step is to print and fill the prepaid return label. Drop it off at the shipping carrier and you’re done. It’s that easy. Once L.L. Bean receives your return, your refund will be deducted by $6.50 (for using the prepaid return label). L.L. Bean offers fast and reliable customer service. To initiate an exchange through the company’s QuickExchange service, just call the customer service center to request a QuickExchange. L.L. Bean’s return policy allows exchanges or returns at outlets or retail stores for friendly, fast service in case you don’t feel like waiting for the company to receive and reship your package. Whether you made your L.L. Bean purchase online, through mail, phone or in person, the company offers a 100% guarantee for all of their products.

Nordstrom – No Time Limit for Returns or Exchanges

Like L.L. Bean, Nordstrom offers an unlimited return policy. Nordstrom is known for its legendary return policy. In college one of my business courses highlighted Nordstrom for having remarkable customer service that even allowed a repeat customer to return tires for a refund. Nordstrom doesn’t sell tires but those types of instances have made Nordstrom a consumer favorite retailer. Returning Nordstrom purchases is simple. Online purchases can be returned for free through a prepaid return shipping label. Customer service is available 24 hours a day for assistance or inquiries. Returns and exchanges can also be made in person at any location.

Costco – No Time Limit for Returns or Exchanges of Certain Items

Costco offers the simplest return and exchange policy. There is no return time limit for most of their products but products like televisions, computers, projectors, camcorders, cameras, cellular phones, iPods or MP3 players can only be returned within 90 days. You can visit any Costco warehouse worldwide for immediate refunds that may include handling and shipping charges. For further assistance, you can contact Costco via their customer service center.

Kohl’s – No Time Limit for Returns or Exchanges With Receipt

Kohl’s also offers an unlimited time frame in their return policy; however a receipt is required for all refunds. Returns or exchanges made without a receipt can only be made for store credit or a similar item. Cash refunds will not be made without a receipt. Returns or exchanges can be made at any Kohl’s department store or online.

Macy’s – 180 Day Time Frame for Returns and Exchanges

You can return any product to Macy’s within 180 days for a full refund, less shipping costs. Gifts returned to Macy’s will be issued store merchandise credit. You can even return products without a receipt since Macy’s uses a sticker program for identifying their own items. Items such as jewelry can only be returned within 30 days for a refund. For complete information

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