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How do I Get a Refund?

You are eligible for a refund within 30 days of your order′s estimated delivery date if you′re dissatisfied with your purchase due to an error on the bookseller′s part or if the book doesn′t arrive.

If you did receive the book and you wish to receive a refund, you must return the book to the seller in order to complete the process and receive the refund.

View our video tutorial about initiating a refund/return.

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Stage 1: Initiating a Refund/Return:

  1. Go to [My Account] and click [View My Purchases]
  2. Find the book to be refunded/returned and click [Request Return/Refund]
  3. Select a reason from the drop-down menu. You may click Explanation of Reason Codes for more details.
  4. Please add additional comments to clarify the reason for your request. Your comments are forwarded to the bookseller.

Stage 2: Returning the Book

After initiating a Return, you will receive a ‘Return Requested’ confirmation email that will include the bookseller′s return address. You can now return the book to the seller by your preferred shipping method, ideally with tracking.

  • For ‘Buyer does not want item’ returns, allow 2 business days for the seller to respond before shipping the book back. If you′ve received no response from the seller by the 3rd day, ship the book to the seller′s address, as provided in the email.
  • For all other return reasons, ship the book back to the bookseller immediately.
  • Refusing delivery or returning a package as ‘Return to sender’ are not appropriate methods of return shipment.
  • Return shipping labels are not provided.
  • Include a copy of the ‘Return Initiated’ email inside the package so that the bookseller can easily identify your return upon arrival.
  • When returning a book, shipping with tracking is strongly recommended and while not a requirement, is the best way to ensure your refund will be completed in a timely manner.
  • When returning a book, the seller must receive the book within 28 days of your return request, when the seller is located in the same country as you. The seller must receive the book within 90 days when they are located in another country. If the seller does not receive the book within these time frames, you will be asked to provide tracking information. If none can be provided, your refund request will be cancelled.

Package the book carefully to avoid damage in transit. You may re-use the original packaging if it can be adequately re-sealed and if the original ‘To’ and ‘Return’ addresses can be completely covered or replaced.

Stage 3: Entering Tracking Details (If Applicable)

  1. Go to [My Account] and click [View My Purchases].
  2. Find the order in the order list and click [Return/Refund Details].
  3. Enter the name of the shipping company (e.g. USPS, FedEx), the tracking number, and the date you shipped the package.
  4. Click [Save].

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