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Returning rented books

If you want to return a rented book within 24 days of its rental date, see our Worry-Free Guarantee.

When it’s time to return your rented book at the end of your rental period , please do the following:

  1. Access Your Account, print your FREE return-shipping label, and affix it to your box.
  2. Package your book by itself—and well enough to prevent shipping damage.
  3. Drop it off at UPS (find nearby UPS locations) in time for its seller to receive it before your rental period expires.


IMPORTANT STUFF: Read the following to ensure that your return is processed correctly:

  • REQUIRED return-shipping labels: Each rented book has its own return-shipping label and must be shipped via its assigned label and be individually packaged. If you send a rented book with the wrong shipping label or use any other shipping method, you may be charged the full replacement price for that book
  • Early rental returns: If you want to return a rented book within 24 days of its rental date, please read our Worry-Free Guarantee.
  • Multiple returns to the same seller: If you’ve rented more than one book from the same seller, you must still package and return the books separately, using each book’s assigned shipping label. You’ll have a tracking number for each one, which will protect you in case of loss in transit.
  • Multiple returns to multiple sellers: Our marketplace rents and sells books from thousands of independent booksellers across the country. If you’ve rented more than one book, you must return the right book to the right seller. This information will be clearly communicated on the return label you print for each book.

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