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What are my substitution options?

If something you have ordered is not available, we may choose a substitute. If it costs less, we charge you less. If it costs more, we won’t charge you the extra.

For loose items like fruit, vegetables, and meat, we weight the items when we get your order ready. The price of these items may be slightly different from when you placed your order and the same may be true for any substitutes for loose items.

Setting substitution preferences for your order

If you decide you don’t want a substitute for a specific product, you can easily tell us when you’re checking out. Here’s how:

1. When you’ve chosen your items, select Checkout.

2. On the final Confirmation page, select Review Trolley to see a preview of your trolley items.

3. To select individual products that you don’t want to receive substitutions for, click the checkbox next to the item. Or, if you don’t want to receive substitutions for any of the products in your trolley, click the Select All checkbox.

4. Complete the checkout process.

How can I find out if I have any substitutions?

We will tell you about any substitutes in your e-delivery note. This will be emailed to you on the day of your delivery or collection.

I don’t want the substitutes

If you don’t want any of the substitutes you can return them for a full refund in one of the following ways:

Delivery – hand back the items you want to return to the driver.

Click & Collect – hand back the items you want to return to the Click & Collect colleague.

Locker collection – leave the items you want to return in the locker.

Your refund should appear in your account in 3 to 5 days, once cleared by your bank.

I have already received unsuitable substitutions

If you have already received substitutions and they are not suitable you can easily request a refund online within 3 days of receiving your delivery/collection (day 1 is the day of delivery). Visit our how to request a refund page to see how to do this.

What happens if it’s more than 3 days after my delivery?

No problem. Get in touch with our Customer Service team using the links below and we’ll happily sort this out for you.

Use the options below to get in touch.

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