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Will the parts I purchase from your site fit my modified/customized car? Can I return the part for credit if it turns out the item doesn’t fit?

As long as you return a part within 30 days and without any damage or without any missing components, then you will be eligible for a credit on your return (restocking fees may apply).

Please note that there are items that cannot be returned for any reason. These include repair manuals, CD-ROMS, custom made products or anything that allows you to download a program to the vehicle. However, repair manuals and CD-ROMS may be returned if they are unopened and remain sealed. Electrical parts cannot be returned as well if they have been unsealed or plugged in.

What is a Return Merchant Authorization (RMA) number? What can I use this number with? If I return a part, how soon can I expect my refund?

A Return Merchant Authorization Number, or RMA Number, is assigned to your return and used for tracking purposes. You can obtain an RMA number by completing the required form for any parts you would like to return. Within two to three business days, the RMA number(s) will be emailed along with instructions on how to return your item.

You can expect your refund within 30 days after we receive your return request. The time varies depending on how long the manufacturer takes to approve the return. Upon approval, we will then credit the refund to the credit card you used for the purchase and you will receive a “credit approved” email. Please note that the bank may take a few days to process the credit.

For APW Tire Rack returns, separate Return Authorization forms for tires and wheels and wheels only are available together with special packing instructions. Apart from the different forms used, the processing period for returning tires and wheels is roughly the same as that of regular APW return requests.

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