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You are reading this message because you contacted Chinavasion about your presumably broken product or products. We regret the inconvenience in this case.

12-Month Warranty

Click here for the full product warranty information.

Under the 12-Month Warranty, we will repair any broken items for you and ship them back to you, free of charge. All you need to do is post them back to us via normal post. The returns process is as follows:

Returns Process

  1. At this point, you already opened a support ticket detailing the order number, product name / item code, and nature of the problem.
  2. We are now authorising the return and providing an RMA slip for enclosing with the returned goods.Click here to download the RMA form & instructions now (PDF) or the hyperlink at the end of this article.
  3. You now need to return the faulty item(s) by normal post following the instructions on the RMA slip. Due to unavoidable delays in China Customs, there may be some delays between you sending back the item(s) and us receiving the package.
  4. When the returned item(s) are received in our warehouse, Quality Control technicians will check the item(s) and confirm the fault. At this point they will either repair the fault themselves or sent to a certified professional for fixing. The repair can usually be completed within three days.
  5. We will contact you to confirm that your returned item(s) have arrived back at our warehouse, and check the address you would like the repaired item(s) sent to, if you haven’t specified it already.
  6. The repaired item(s) will be re-inspected by our Quality Control inspectors and they will confirm that the fault you complained of has been fixed, the general functions of the product are good, and the general appearance of the product is as good as when we received it from you.
  7. The repaired item(s) will be packed up securely and sent back to you by either registered air mail or courier, depending on the destination country. The time from us sending it back and you receiving it will be under a week under normal circumstances.

Download and print the Returns Form Click Here for PDF

Who Pays For What?

  • Cost of shipping a presumably faulty item back to Hong Kong or China: Paid by the customer, cannot be reimbursed.
  • Cost of import duties, restocking fees and other compensation on the Hong Kong or China sides: Import duties and restocking fees on the Hong Kong and China side will be waived for faulty products and paid by Chinavasion in full. In other words our QC engineers will test products you ship back and, if they confirm the products are indeed faulty, we will offer compensation (repair, credit or refund). However, for products that are tested and turn out to be in good working condition, then Chinavasion will not return the functional products or compensate the buyer in any form.
  • Cost of shipping repaired item back to customer from China: paid by Chinavasion in full. In order to facilitate customs clearance, we will normally use Airmail and EMS if applicable to send back the repaired item to you.
  • If a product cannot be repaired: your original shipping fee will be credited in addition to the original product value so you can place a new order for a brand new replacement or a different product.
  • Any new import duty or sales tax for the consignee for the returned repaired products sent from China is their responsibility as per the usual policies.

Where Do I Return the Product(s)?

The items must be returned to the addressee on your RMA form.

What Other Information Must I Be Aware Of?

  • Please return products by normal post, not courier. (Because courier shipments take longer to clear Chinese Customs.)
  • Clearance in Chinese Customs, even for postal packets, is unfortunately a long process. For items to pass from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, it can in some cases take more than a week. Unfortunately, that is beyond our control. If you need replacements sent to yourself or to a customer urgently, please order a new item from in the meantime.
  • If you have it available, please also enclose a copy of your tax receipt for any Sales Tax or Import Duties that you had to pay the first time the goods arrived with you. (Normally this receipt should be provided by your courier.) We will enclose this copy when shipping repaired/replacement goods, which may reduce the chance you will be charged import taxes a second time. However, this depends on the practices of your local Customs so we can offer no guarantee in this regard.
  • Please return products in their original boxes, if possible. Do not enclose your own belongings or accessories such as movie DVDs left inside DVD players.

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