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Dollar Tree Return Policy

So that we may continue to provide you extreme value for $1.00 when shopping at one of our retail stores, we reserve the right to limit quantities, do not offer refunds, and consider all sales final. We will gladly exchange any unopened item with the original receipt, however, we do not offer exchanges on seasonal merchandise.

When shopping online at, all sales are final. However, if your order is incomplete, or your items arrived damaged, we will correct the problem. Simply call our 24/7 Customer Order Support at 1-877-530-TREE (8733) so we can determine the best way to resolve the matter.

For more information visit the Dollar Tree website.

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NO RETURNS!!! You are screwed..

Apr 26, 2018 by Carrie Bradseth

I WAS a very good customer of Dollar my surprise, NO RETURNS!!!!!!! Which I seldom do returns, but if I do I have a good reason...Good Bye Dollar Tree!!


Jan 07, 2018 by Dee

The store in Ft. Myers in the Target Plaza had no bags, zero, to put any customer purchases in. Their answer was "our truck as not come in" like that is why they have no bags. They were never ordered for weeks on end. btw while 1 register was open 3 employees including the store manager, asst manager and another clerk were outside complaining about how bad they had it.

Returns at Dollar Tree store

May 15, 2017 by Trace

I tried to exchange, not return, two packages of chips that were rancid. The girl who was very heavy ripped the package open, took a chip out, put it in her mouth, then said "It is not rancid to me!" Then added, "Would you like to take it back or throw it away?" I replied: "Just throw it out!" I was appalled and left. She may be eating it after I left. Be very weary shopping at Dollar Tree. They don't allow exchanges nor returns even though their products are bad or inferior. Buyers beware!

No refunds at all!

Dec 29, 2016 by Denise

Good grief! I had no idea Dollar Tree gives no refunds. I bought a case of plastic containers online then realized I didn't need them. Now I have to keep this case of plastic containers. There should be some conditions allowed for refunds as I wouldn't have opened the box at all. I've been understanding for their immensely long lines and having to be patient for waiting. But this is too much! Give customers a chance!

Not posted out in open

Dec 21, 2016 by kay

I don't understand the return policy, was very shocked to finally find it on the bottom of the receipt. Who looks at the bottom of a receipt, and especially to search for the return policy? not this person and didn't realize it until I went to RETURN something only to be told they just do's NOT posted anywhere in the store for shoppers to see very disapointed. And why can't they get more staff, they are always short handed and expecting the cashiers to put merchandise away and wait on customers.

1.4 3.0 11 11 I WAS a very good customer of Dollar my surprise, NO RETURNS!!!!!!! Which I seldom do returns, but if I do I have a good reason...Good Bye Dollar Tree!! Dollar Tree

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