Mmoga Return PolicyMmoga-Return-Policy

Right of rescission, right to return

You can give the received goods, without giving reasons, within 2 weeks, by retransfer of the object of contract, back. This period begins earliest by receiving the goods and the receiving of this instruction. You can explain the return also by the demand of withdrawal in text form, as e.g. letter, fax or e-mail. To keep the period it is enough to forward the goods or the demand of withdrawal in time. The demand of withdrawal has to be sent to the following address:


16/F Kowloon Building
Nathan Road 555, Kowloon
Hong Kong

MMOGA Ltd. mediates solely the rescission of the contract between the performance supplier and the customer.

The mediation contract between MMOGA Ltd. and the customer expires with the in time exercise of the right of return against the seller.

In case of a demand of withdrawal the on both sides received benefits have to be awarded back and should the situation arise the gained advantage as well. If you are not able to return the received goods complete or in a changed form you have to give us insofar compensation.
This does not apply, if the change only happened to check the object of contract. Apart from that you cannot avoid the compensation, while you do not take the object of contract into use like an owner and avoid any change of the object of contract within the revocation period.

Should the orderer cancel his order after 14 days and MMOGA Ltd. refunds his money, so the orderer has to face a processing fee up to 10€. The refund will arrive within 7 days. The funds will be returned through the previously used payment method.

Cancellation right digital goods and virtual goods:
MMOGA Ltd. states, that a cancellation right is among other things not given, when the mediated product has been produced according to customer specifications or custom-built for the customer or is not able to be returned due to its condition.
Digital goods and virtual goods are excluded from the cancellation right, since they are, due to their condition, not able to be returned.
At the moment MMOGA Ltd. solely mediates digital goods and virtual goods in its shop. A return of the mediated supplier contracts and the corresponding refund of the value of the goods can not be granted after the mediation of the virtual or digital good, since the good has to be handled as unsealed and therefore ineligible for return.

End of the cancellation policy

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