RobotLAB Return PolicyRobotLAB Return Policy


  1. Manufacturer’s Terms and Conditions apply for every robot.
  2. The robots are for customer use only, not for retail or reselling purposes.
  3. Returns will be accepted only to un-opened products. Opening the box means you are waiving your right for a refund. Before shipping back a product – please send an email to: and ask for an RMA form.
  4. In a case of a need to ship the robot for repair under manufacturer’s warranty, the shipping cost will be divided half by half. The customer should pay the shipping to the manufacturer’s office, and the manufacturer will cover the shipping back to the customer.
  5. The customer is not allowed to make any modifications on the robot’s hardware.
  6. Opening the robot’s shell will void the warranty.
  7. All Prices are before any applicable tax. (Sales tax, VAT or any other government-issued tax)

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