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by rs on Store Return Policies
poor coustomer experience

Recently bought a laptop from Cleveland store. Went in to check some laptop per my wife and a nice representative told me about student deals going on. Because of $100 off we decided to buy the laptop from Best Buy. Went to the register and representative scan the coupon and for some reason it didn't go through but I was told by the representative that discount was applied. e mailed was sent to my account. On the way home when I checked my rcipt it was showing the full price rather than the discount . I called the Best Buy back and they said since it was a order they have ordered online it cannot be canceled now. I called the online store and they can also not cancel neither they can add the coupon. They asked me to return it to the store . I want to have the laptop and have the right coupon.

The coupon was not applied then the representative should have told me rather than charging me the whole money.

I never go to Best Buy and that was the last time I'm going to Best Buy anyhow to get money back.

I should stick to Amazon or Costco But unfortunately on the Labor Day Costco was closed and I went to Best Buy which is next-door.

by JessieDee on Store Return Policies
Software issue

Conflicting information on return policy related to software. The written policy indicated opened software could be exchanged. I purchased a yearly subscription of Office 365 that I wanted to return. The item was unopened/scratch of barcode intact. It was purchased 4/24/18 and I wanted to return it on 4/29/18. I was not told about the non return policy of software at the time of purchase and it not on the receipt. When companies do this we know its "All about the money!!".

by david on Store Return Policies
customer service

I called the store in salem Oregon for help and they never picked up the phone. It is the same in California. When the employees are happy with there jobs then customers will see that there concerns will be taken care of.

by Rachel on Store Return Policies
Awful return policy reflects poorly

I had a similar experience with Best Buy. I'm not a techy person and they're policy timelines stink. I went there once and swore to never come back after the experience I had trying to return something barely used. If you can get it somewhere else, I would.

by Glen on Store Return Policies
Return policy stinks

Shop perioidically at the local Best Buy in Hawaii. Went to return a completely unused television for a refund, the manager said it was 2 days past the return policy of 15 days......I told him, your not serious are you? Said I could have a store credit, I told him NO WAY WOULD I EVER SHOP OR WANT ANYTHING FROM HERE EVER AGAIN if your that chicken shit.... HURRY UP AND GO BANKRUPT...they on their last legs already. Cant even find someone to help you till its time to pay and then they suddenly show up so they can get a commission for nothing. Totally losing business, THEY ARE THE NEXT TO CLOSE AND I definitely wont miss them from now on.

by Michael King on Store Return Policies
Laptop return

I had to return a laptop to best buy a couple of months ago, and the experience was terrible! I will never shop there again! The hard drive in my laptop was bad and the computer wouldn't cut on after 2 weeks of using it. They tried to beat around the bush and blame me for breaking it! I had to print off warranty info and THEIR OWN RETURN POLICY FOR THEM showing they were supposed to take the computer back. Finally I got a manager to come over and get the process completed and get my refund. I will definitely not refer anyone to best buy! Never shop there if you know what's good for you!